N.Y. Mom Who Drove Herself, Kids Into River Reportedly Left Dying Declaration on Facebook

The overwhelmed New York mother who drowned herself and three kids in the Hudson River tried her best to provide her family with a happy home life -- but was consistently let down by their deadbeat father, who failed to provide the love or money they desperately needed, her friends told the New York Post.

Lashanda Armstrong made a dying declaration on Facebook just 30 minutes before the fatal plunge, writing, "I'm sorry everyone forgive me please for what I'm gonna do . . . This is it!!!"

Her friends had no doubt that Armstrong was just trying to escape Pierre, who was creating a dead-end life for her and the kids.

Armstrong, 25, kept a steady job and took college classes but was abandoned by Jean Pierre -- the fly-by-night father of the three dead children -- and had nowhere to turn for help.

"He was terrible to her. He was very domineering and controlling over her. He was just so cruel. She just wanted a normal family," said one friend, Christine Santos, 29, who lives nearby.

The dad -- who was arrested in March because of $11,000 in unpaid support -- also threatened to claim custody of the kids.

"That's what pushed her over the edge," said Santos. "He must have broken her spirit and taken away her will to live."

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