Mystery in Boston after dozens of birds fall from sky

Boston city officials were grappling with a bizarre mystery Friday after a large flock of songbirds suddenly fell from the sky in one of the city’s neighborhoods.

City officials told Fox25 Boston that 47 sick grackles were found Thursday in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood.

Fifteen of the birds ultimately died.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston says it went to the neighborhood after residents reported birds falling from the sky and a sick cat.

Fox 25 reported that two cats had gotten sick and that both were later euthanized.

The dead birds will be sent to Tufts University for testing.

The birds may have gotten sick after ingesting a pest-control poison, the station reported.

The Boston Herald interviewed Willien Pugh, the owner of one of the euthanized cats, Sally B.

“My sister fed her,” Pugh said. “Then like at 8:30 she came to the door and told me Sally was laying there at the back door, and that was it. Nobody knows who did it or nothing.”

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