Mother of boy locked inside running washing machine wants to press charges

The mother of a toddler who briefly got stuck inside a running washing machine at a New Jersey laundermat said she wants to press charges.

Speaking on NBC's "Today" show Thursday, Sakia David said she wants her baby sitter punished for allowing a male friend to put the child in the machine.

David said she didn't even know about the May 11 incident in Camden until she saw the video on the news and was contacted by police.

She said her son was treated at a hospital for scrapes and bruises. But she wants more tests.

David said the baby sitter told her the child had fallen down some steps.

Authorities said the man was unaware the machine would automatically start. They've referred the case to child welfare officials.

Shocking video of the incident was recently uploaded to YouTube. A surveillance camera captures a man placing the small child inside the machine.

Moments later, he and a woman are seen on the video frantically trying to pry open the locked door as the machine begins to spin and fill with water.

At one point, the two run for the help of an employee, who managed to open a door behind the washer and unplug it, Fox affiliate WNYW reported.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.