Montana woman charged with leaving children after car crash; syringe with meth found on seat

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Montana authorities say a 24-year-old woman crashed her car into a telephone pole during a rainstorm, left a syringe of meth on the passenger seat and abandoned her two young children in another car in a nearby garage.

Megan Marie Price, of Billings, is scheduled to be arraigned Monday on charges of drug possession, criminal endangerment, endangering the welfare of children and burglary.

Prosecutors say a resident who heard the crash early Wednesday reported seeing a woman take two young children out of the car and run down an alley in a heavy downpour.

An officer who walked down the alley found a garage door that was half open. Price's children, ages 4 and 2, were in a car in the garage.

Price was arrested after she drove by and sped off.


Information from: Billings Gazette,