Mom of toddler thrown from NYC building says she was 'nervous' about visits with father

The heartbroken mother whose husband tossed their 3-year-old son to his death from an Upper West Side high-rise said Monday that she had been “nervous” about the boy’s visits with his dad — and that he killed the child just to spite her.

“At first, I opposed the visits and only wanted them to be supervised,’’ said Svetlana Kanarikov, 32, whose husband, Dmitriy, 35, of Brooklyn threw their son, Kirill, off the South Park Tower before leaping to his own death on Sunday.

“But after a Dec. 5 court appearance in Brooklyn, we agreed to follow the New Jersey temporary [custody] order and do alternate visits with a handover at the police precinct. I also volunteered that the father would speak to Kirill on Skype every day.

“I was nervous about the visits, but the father never did anything violent against the child” on two previous unsupervised get-togethers Dec. 8 and Dec. 15, she said in a statement released by lawyer, Alla Roytberg.

“Both times, Kirill was happy after seeing his dad. Skype calls were also going well.”

Then, on Wednesday, “the judge granted my motion and ordered temporary custody and child support,’’ the mom said.

“The father said he wanted custody and would make a motion [for it].

“When we first separated, Dmitriy told me that he would leave me alone only if I left him everything we had together,’’ she recalled. “Money and assets were most important to him.

“Otherwise, he said, he would take the child away and I will ‘shoot myself from grief.’ ”

A law-enforcement source said that at one point, Dmitriy said he would also hurt their son, warning her, “If I can’t have him, then you can’t.’’

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