Mixed verdicts for 4 accused of helping cop-killer

A jury in Tacoma, Wash., has returned mixed verdicts in the case of four people accused of helping a man after he gunned down four police officers in a coffeeshop last year.

Two of the defendants — Letrecia Nelson and Eddie Davis — were found guilty of rendering criminal assistance. Another, Rickey Hinton, was acquitted of all charges, and Douglas Davis was convicted of gun charges but not of helping Maurice Clemmons.

Pierce County prosecutors alleged the four provided medical aid, transportation and other assistance to Clemmons as he tried to evade a massive manhunt. Clemmons was killed by a lone Seattle patrolman two days after he shot the Lakewood officers.

Two others have already been convicted of helping Clemmons, and the man accused of being his getaway driver is scheduled for trial in June on four counts of aggravated murder.


Information from: KIRO-TV and The News Tribune