I'm in a lot of pain," said Brittany Ritchie, 19, just hours after being shot while inside a car parked at the McDonalds just north of I-270 on Bellefontaine Rd. in St. Louis, Missouri. She was shot once. A single bullet traveled in side of her arm and out the other. "Just excruciating pain felt more like a burn than anything," said Ritchie. "It just hurts so much I couldn't even think."

Brittany was parked in her boyfriend's car with her aunt because they wanted to use the Wi-Fi service to look for jobs online. They were there for a couple of hours and were ready to leave when at about 1:30 a.m. on Sunday a gunfight started."Two cars pulled into the parking lot a bunch of kids walked out past our car and I was thinking it's just stupid kids," said Dionna Ritchey, Brittany's aunt.

"The next thing I know I hear a couple of pops and my niece starts screaming and there's blood everywhere," said Dionna Ritchey. Another teen was wounded and hospitalized. Police say that 17-year-old was involved in some sort of argument involving another group of teens.There was shouting and shooting from across the streets."Why do we have to bring out guns to settle arguments and what are children doing with guns you know these were all teenagers and it just goes back to upbringing and a strong foundation in god," said Lori Weakley, Brittany's mother.

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