Missing Texas man may have been abducted, police say

The search is intensifying for a retired Dallas firefighter who went missing last week and may be in danger.

Michael Chambers, 70, disappeared Friday from his Hunt County home in Quinlan, about 40 miles east of Dallas.

Deputies said after an initial investigation, they believe he may have been taken against his will after they found blood in his shop outside his home. The Texas Rangers and the FBI are now involved in the search.

Chambers was last seen March 10 entering and then leaving the Quinlan Walmart alone. He was driving his pickup truck.

Investigators say he was known to carry money but do not believe he was followed. Chambers returned home before noon and was not seen again.

Deputies say whatever happened to him most likely happened between noon and 3 p.m. that Friday. His truck was at the house along with his keys and wallet. But police say Chambers and his cell phone simply disappeared.