Everyone has heard of homing pigeons, but Montana fifth-grader Tara Atkins apparently has a "schooling pigeon."

The bird named Foresta had disappeared Tuesday from Tara's home in the Elkhorn Mountains near Montana City. But it was back in her arms on Wednesday after it showed up at her school about 5 air miles away in Helena.

The Independent Record (http://bit.ly/1tp0Gwt ) reported that the bird sat on the head of Central-Linc Elementary teacher Rob Freistadt.

Principal Vanessa Nasset asked Tara for help catching Foresta after a parent remembered she had a pet pigeon.

Tara recognized Foresta by her distinct coloration and the blue band around her leg. Fellow fifth-grader Owen Cleary finally caught the bird by throwing a blanket over it as the bird sat on his head.