Missing Calif. Woman Stopped Taking Meds, Family Says

A 24-year-old woman who stopped taking her schizophrenia medication has been missing for more than a week in California, her family told MyFoxBoston.

Erika Lopez, who is 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 95 pounds, was last seen at Newport Beach and had recently broken up with her boyfriend and, according to her family, may be confused and alone.

"She quit her job once she reached that manic state," Tina Cambria, the woman's mother told the station. "They were supposed to go to her house and call me, and she was already evicted from her apartment because she had quit her job."

Lopez had moved from Boston to California two years ago to be with her boyfriend, the report says. But she was most recently living alone in her apartment but made a lot of friends.

“We are worried that she’s going to come across the wrong person and they might take advantage of her,” her concerned aunt, Angel Lopez, told the station. The family plans on heading out to Newport, Calif., to help assist in the woman’s search.

"If I go out there, I'll do things nobody else would do to get her back," Anthongy DeSousa, the woman's brother told the station.