Minnesota woman unknowingly moves into home infested with snakes

A Minnesota woman's dream home became the site of a horror show after she discovered hundreds of snakes slithering through the residence within months of moving in.

Angie Whitley, a nurse and a single mom, bought the split level home in Oak Park Heights last October after spending years saving enough money for a down payment, WCCO reported.

"It was clean, new carpet, new paint," Whitley said, adding that she thought the neighborhood was a great place for her two kids to live.

Whitley did several walk-throughs, a house inspection and found nothing alarming about the place. But on the first day at her new residence, she spotted a snake -- and that was just the beginning.

"One quickly turned into three, four, five. Today is six months later and I’m about 95 snakes that I’ve found inside my house," Whitley recalled.

She also found hundreds of the creatures inhabiting the area outside of the home.

Whitley spent more than $13,000 trying to exterminate the snakes, with no luck, WCCO reported. Exterminators even pumped 40 gallons of water from a hole they found in the home's foundation and sealed cracks in the basement.

The pest control company is now providing its services for free to find the snake den, according to WCCO.

Whitley contacted the sellers of the house who said they weren't aware of a snake problem. She hired a lawyer and will likely enter into arbitration with the previous home owners over paying for extermination fees.