Michigan teen arrested with loaded gun after threatening teacher in text message

A quick-thinking Michigan mom might have saved a life by getting her son's school locked down after he sent a text message threatening one of his teachers.

The 14-year-old was caught near his Pontiac school Tuesday afternoon -- armed with a loaded .357 handgun -- after his mom reported the text, which read, "I need you to come get me. I'm about to straight up off this teacher dead in his face. He pissed me off. I'm so serious," myFOXdetroit.com reported.

The student had been at trouble at his school -- Great Lakes Academy -- earlier in the day.

A schoolmate said of the boy, "He is in my class, but he's like an average student, and I was very surprised to see what went on."

The suspect teen was arrested and taken into custody.

A police spokesman said, "With that text combined with a .357 loaded handgun in his possession, it looks like he was going there for a purpose that could've turned into ... a tragic shooter situation."

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