Michigan Shipwreck Research Association discovers 116-year-old shipwreck off coast of Muskegon

A 214-foot steamship has been discovered off the coast of Muskegon more than a century after it sank in Lake Michigan.

Last month, a team with the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association located the John V. Moran during a sonar search. Because the shipwreck sits under 365 feet of lake water, officials with the group decided to wait for the water to warm up before performing a dive.

With help from the Michigan State Police Underwater Recovery Unit, the team was able to reach the wreck on July 8, just over 116 years after the ship sank.

A co-director of the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association says the John V. Moran is one of the best-preserved wrecks in the Great Lakes.

The group has discovered 15 other historic shipwrecks.