Miami police shooting: 4 arrested in attack on 2 undercover detectives

Miami-Dade Police have arrested a 19-year-old man, Wednesday morning, in connection with the shooting of two undercover police officers.

According to a Miami-Dade Police tweet officials sent out just after 9 a.m., the arrest was made during their investigation into the shooting of Miami-Dade detectives 47-year-old Terence White and 37-year-old Charles Woods. Shortly afterwards, police confirmed that the subject is 19-year-old Damian Thompson, noting that he was arrested thanks to several Crime Stoppers tips.

Police have charged Thompson with first-degree attempted murder, battery on a police officer and resisting an officer with violence. The 19-year-old was arrested by detective White back in January at a Martin Luther King Day parade.

Thompson’s Facebook page where his profile described him as “Creative Director of shooting people.”

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The 19-year-old arrived to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, Wednesday afternoon, and was seen exiting the police cruiser with a black eye. Officials said he received the black eye while he resisted arrest.

One of Thompson’s neighbors said she could not believe he would actually carry out such a shooting. “He stay to himself a lot,” said neighbor Roberta Flennory. “But going out and shooting at the police? I would say nah-uh.”

Miami-Dade Police also arrested three additional subjects in connection to the shooting investigation, but none were charged with attempted first-degree murder. Police arrested 25-year-old Jamal Daniels, 22-year-old Jessica Pierre and 22-year-old Mikequesha Simmons.

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