Meteorologist gets personal in report, warns those who think winter is over to 'Forgetaboutit'

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A National Weather Service meteorologist is getting personal in his reports warning people not to get too cozy with the warmer temperatures and sunny skies currently over the Chicago-area.

In a report on Wednesday, National Weather Service meteorologist Gino Izzi veers away from just-the-facts and tells people to "forgetaboutit" if they think winter is over.

The report also says that two indicators paint such a "bleak ... dismal ... cold and potentially snowy picture next week that it's likely to leave many winter weary souls ready to curl up into the fetal position and beg for mercy from old man winter!"

Izzi was not at work on Wednesday afternoon, but his boss, Ed Fenelon, says he thinks Izzi was just trying to capture people's views about this winter.