The Volusia County Sheriff's Office is warning pet owners who go to Bicentennial Park to be careful.

They say that on Tuesday, one of their deputies responded to report of contaminated meat found in the dog park. The deputy found balls of meat with small fish hooks embedded inside them.

One dog was even found eating one, says police. That dog was taken to the vet with two of the meatballs. The deputy took five to investigate.

Reportedly, nobody saw who put the meatballs out there.

The deputy says that the meatball was still cold and sweating, like it had been frozen and was thawing in the sun for awhile. Several were very mushy. The meat appeared to have the consistency and smell of liverwurst.

The deputy went on to cut the meatball open. He reported that he observed a small piece of metal showing in some of the meatballs. Inside the meat were several small fishing hooks.

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