McMilestone: Massachusetts McDonald's celebrates employee's 100th birthday

He may want fries with that.

Morris Miller, an employee at a Massachusetts McDonald’s, was the center of attention at a Golden Arches party celebrating his 100th birthday -- and his 25 years of service for the restaurant, MyFoxPhilly reported.

Miller, who started at the Needham McDonald’s when he was 75, serves as a sort of store ambassador, greeting and interacting with the fast-food customers.

Miller's first assignments included some lifting, but when he turned 90 he could no longer do heavy lifting and shifted to his current role working the crowd.


One regular customer, Orlando, said of Miller: he’s “funny and he makes us all laugh.”

"This is what keeps all the customers coming back, his smile and his determination to just keep on going," store owner Tim McCoy told the station.

"I'll keep coming as long as I can move," Miller said.