Massacre? Jokes fly in city known for car-eating sinkhole

The "massacre" that never happened has Bowling Green in the national news again — something that hasn't happened since a sinkhole swallowed several prized Corvettes at a museum.

Social media posts have gone viral in poking fun at Kellyanne Conway's remarks in an interview with MSNBC on Thursday. Conway cited the "massacre" as a reason a temporary ban on immigration from several Muslim-majority nations is necessary. On Friday, she tweeted that she meant to say "terrorists" instead.

Bowling Green radio personality Jelisa Chatman says Conway's remarks were like a gift from heaven as an on-the-air subject. Western Kentucky University professor Guy Jordan says "jokes are flying" in town.

Even Western Kentucky's beloved mascot, Big Red, was referenced in social media posts making fun of the White House aide's "massacre" comment.