A Massachusetts town voted Thursday to reject a proposal that would’ve allowed a woman who had been living in a tiny house she built as a college student to live there legally.

The Republican of Springfield reported that voters at a town meeting in Hadley decided not to legalize backyard cottages.

Sarah Hastings has been living in her 190-square-foot home on a parcel owned by another couple for the last year. She built the dwelling while she was an architecture studies student at Mount Holyoke College.

Some Hadley residents objected to the tiny home because Hastings failed to go through the required permitting process. Residents struck down the proposal in a 206 to 139 vote.

"Hadley is a tough town when it comes to change and I can only wish the town the best of luck in providing for future needs," Hastings wrote in an email to the paper. "This doesn't feel like a total roadblock to me: By living lightly, I have also learned to have a light heart."

She was given a day to move out. Hastings says she'll try to find another location for her house.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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