Massachusetts State Trooper allegedly struck, dragged by motorcyclist

Massachusetts State Police received a report of bikers racing in the area

Massachusetts State Police are on the hunt Wednesday for a motorcyclist accused of striking and dragging one of their troopers late last night.

The officer was attempting to speak to that individual and another biker at a Shell gas station in Canton around 10:20 p.m. when the “motorcycles sped away from the Trooper, who was dragged a short distance by one of the bikes,” police said in a statement.

The trooper initiated the conversation because police had received a report of motorcycles racing in the area, it added.

The suspects have not been identified. (Massachusetts State Police)

The suspects have not been identified. (Massachusetts State Police)

A photo of the bikers released by investigators shows one wearing a jacket with red along the arms and shoulder area.


Their identities are unknown.

Police say firefighters from Canton treated the officer at the scene and he remained on the job following the incident, suffering only minor injuries.