Massachusetts school cook threatens to shoot up school, police say

A cook at a Massachusetts middle school is facing charges after she allegedly threatened to shoot up the school over a batch of overcooked cookies.

Wendy Ferris, the cafeteria cook at the Norfolk school, was reportedly upset about a co-worker re-baking cookies she had already made when she allegedly said, "I'm thinking about going out to buy an AK-47 and shooting this [expletive] school up." reported that a judge ordered Ferris to stay away from the school and surrender her guns. Ferris was arraigned Monday on a charge of threats to commit a crime, the report said. The judge set bail for Ferris at $5,000.

Another cafeteria worker also told police Ferris made similar threats earlier in the day. The worker alleged Ferris said she had a list and another school employee was on the top of it after the employee did not say hello to her. The worker further alleged Ferris said she could "bring a gun in and shoot people" and buy ammo, the report said.

Wendy's husband, Phillip Ferris, spoke outside court Monday, saying that he did not believe the allegations against his wife and that, "she's a great person."

Ferris has been placed on paid administrative leave, according to a letter to parents from school officials.