Massachusetts man selling bottles of record-setting snow for $89

A Massachusetts man is looking to turn the snow on his property into cold, hard cash.

Kyle Waring, a Manchester-by-the-Sea resident, has been selling 'historic water' from the latest winter storm for $19.99, The Boston Globe reported. But he recently announced a new product he's selling for $89: actual snow from the storm.

Waring figured out a way to ship the product in Omaha Steaks packaging, and says the snow can reach anywhere in the U.S. in 20 hours. So if a bartender in, say, Key West was so inclined, he could order the snow and be able to make 10 to 15 snowballs.

"It seems to be corporations paying for the $90 product as a funny gesture, where the $20 one is regular consumers," he said.

With 1.9 inches of snow overnight Tuesday, Boston has now received more than 100 inches of snow this winter.

The National Weather Service reported Wednesday that the snowfall, as recorded at Logan International Airport, is now 101.8 inches for the season.

That makes this winter the second snowiest on record, behind only the 107.6 inches recorded in the winter of 1995-96.

He told the paper that he hopes to sell the snow as long as there’s still a product, and has already made plans for his next venture: fall foliage.

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