Marine freed from Mexican jail arrested in Georgia on reckless driving charges

Andrew Tahmooressi, the Marine who was held in a Mexican jail for seven months until his October release, was reportedly arrested Wednesday night in Georgia on reckless driving charges. reported that Tahmooressi was arrested by Twin City Police at around 8:30 p.m. He was charged with passing in a no-passing zone and carrying an open alcohol container after allegedly refusing a DUI test, the station reported.

A spokesman for Tahmooressi posted a statement on Twitter that read, "We are aware that Andrew Tahmooressi is under arrest for various traffic-related offenses. The family again reminds all that he is suffering from a significant mental illness and respectfully requests privacy. We all remain committed to getting him the help he needs."

Tahmooressi made international headlines during his 214-day stay at a Mexican prison.

His release came after a lengthy, closed trial and a congressional hearing in September highly critical of Obama administration efforts to secure his release and Mexico’s refusal to let him go.  Tahmooressi, at the time, said he made an innocent mistake the evening he crossed into Tijuana with three weapons in his truck on March 31.

Tahmooressi is reportedly awaiting a bond hearing at the Emanuel County Jail.