Manhunt under way after prisoner attacks deputy, escapes from NC hospital

Police are searching for a prisoner who assaulted a deputy and escaped custody at a North Carolina hospital Wednesday night.


Edward Moore, 39, escaped custody around 6:30 p.m. when he assaulted the deputy, took his Taser and fled the hospital, WNCN reports. He was at the facility to receive an undisclosed treatment.

During the escape, he stole a van from a woman who was at the hospital with her father.

“I was unloading him, got him in a wheelchair and when I stood up, turned to take him inside the inmate ran out with a weapon pointed at us, yelling, ran around my vehicle and got in and took off,” said Naloni William. “I was wondering what was going to happen to my dad. He’s already sick. That’s my daddy. You know, who’s going to get hurt? What’s gonna happen next?”

Moore, who was in jail for robbing several banks, is considered to be dangerous.

Deputies later found Williams’ vehicle with the Taser inside on Fresno Drive off Santa Fe Drive in Fayetteville.

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