Man with gun face tattoo arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm

Michael Vines has his alleged crime written all over his forehead.

After he was involved in a car accident, Vines allegedly tossed a loaded .38-caliber revolver into the grass, according to the Greenville Police Department. However, according to police, Vines is federally prohibited from possessing a gun.

Aside from his inability to possess a firearm, Vines has a particularly distinctive feature that made this case stand out a little more: he has a large tattoo of a gun across his forehead.

Firefighters on the scene of the crash witnessed Vines allegedly tossing the gun away and alerted police.

Vines was charged with driving with a suspended license, driving too fast for conditions and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to Greenville police.

“The real weapon was placed in property and evidence,” the Greenville police said.

The car accident occurred just southwest of downtown Greenville, South Carolina.