A man who has repeatedly used telephone dating services to lure and defraud women out of thousands of dollars was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison.

Patrick Giblin also must pay $39,130 in restitution, federal prosecutors said. He had pleaded guilty in February to traveling to launder money.

Giblin, 53, posted ads on telephone dating services throughout the country from January 2013 to December 2014. He sought to lure women into relationships and would then ask them for loans that he did not intend to repay, prosecutors said. He victimized more than 10 women in various states.

Giblin would tell the women he wanted a relationship and needed a loan to relocate to their area, prosecutors said. He would then have his victims wire him money or have them transfer money onto a payroll/debit card that he used. Prosecutors said he used some of that money to buy cellphone minutes so he could defraud more women.

The former Ventnor resident was sentenced in 2007 for a similar scheme and in 2015 for violating terms of his release.

Giblin was also sentenced in Pennsylvania in 2013 for escaping from a halfway house in Philadelphia, where he was living following the completion of the 2007 sentence. Giblin initiated the scheme in the most recent case at about the time that he escaped, prosecutors said.