One Texas man won’t appear on Santa Claus’ “Nice List” after opening fire Tuesday on another man dressed up as Santa.

A man wearing a Santa costume, whose identity remains unknown but was identified by police as "Santa," and his wife – referred to by police as "Mrs. Claus" – were driving home when the suspect in a red car cut them off and kept blocking them until they exited the road.

Police Capt. Jerry Cozby told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the driver of the red car then began shooting at Santa’s car.

The man said that the vehicle was hit twice. “I saw them exiting and I thought it was over, but then we started hearing gunshots and the car was hit twice,” he said, according to NBC 5.

But authorities say it’s likely the car was hit only once.

“Mrs. Claus showed us something where she thought the bullet might have ‘bounced off’ the car,” Cozby told the Star-Telegram. “But bullets don’t generally bounce off cars, so I’m not sure what she was looking at.”

Neither Santa nor Mrs. Claus were hurt, police said.

While the police said it wants to contact the shooter, the victims couldn’t provide any helpful information beyond the color of the car and even said they don’t want to pursue the matter.

"Funny enough, Santa didn’t want to make a report,” Cozby told the paper. “He didn’t have any interest in that, he said nobody was hurt. We did provide him information about insurance for his vehicle."

It remains unclear if the incident was a result of road rage.