Man tries to kill gas station attendants after being rejected for job

A New Hampshire man has been charged with trying to kill two gas station attendants with his car after being rejected for a job.

William Soler, 41, was arrested on attempted murder charges Thursday after he went to the police station in Concord and turned himself in.

“I am here because I just tried to murder someone,” Soler was accused of telling a police officer, WMUR-TV reported.

Soler had gone to the gas station to check on the status of his job application.

When told the job had been filled, he drove off, returned and then told the two attendants that a gas pump had been vandalized, the station reported.

As they checked out the pump, Soler got in his car and attempted to run them down, according to the station.

Soler told police that he felt he didn’t get the job because he was being discriminated against.

He is being held on $100,000 bond.