Man suspected of stealing dozens of fire hydrants

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — A Riverside County man was arrested for allegedly stealing dozens of fire hydrants to sell for scrap. The man, 45, was arrested Wednesday and remained jailed on Friday. Authorities in San Bernardino and Riverside counties say they suspect the man stole 45 hydrants. They believe he posed as a repairman, shut off the water, unbolted the 80- to 100-pound hydrants and hauled them away in broad daylight.

Authorities said they got a break when a water district employee in San Bernardino became suspicious of a man in an orange safety vest driving a white utility truck — the description witnesses gave for the hydrant thief.

Authorities said the hydrants were cut up and sold for scrap for about $1.60 a pound but they cost up to $1,800 to replace.