Some waiting passengers turned away when a man tumbled onto the tracks at a downtown Philadelphia subway station, but one of them leaped into action.

Surveillance video shows Alfred McNamee walking close to the edge of the platform Wednesday and falling to the tracks. Some riders look away in horror, but 28-year-old Charles Collins jumps down to help McNamee up.

WPVI-TV reports (http://6abc.cm/1yzokgp) that Collins is recovering from a minor leg injury.

McNamee's injuries are more serious. He suffered a broken back, a shattered knee, broken ribs and a spleen injury that could require surgery.

Transit officials laud Collins' actions as courageous but warn against jumping on the tracks. They say witnesses should alert a cashier or police officer.

Collins says he's no hero and just let instincts kick in.


Information from: WPVI-TV, http://www.6abc.com