A retired Rhode Island man is running through the 251 towns in Vermont, the state where he grew up.

Dave DeVarney, 61, plans to complete his goal on Sunday in Winooski, where he was raised.

"Originally I was going to do a Forrest Gump and run across the United States last year. And financially, physically, I was just not ready," he said. "And of course my wife was not ready for it, so that's when I played my card and I said what about if I do this? She let me do it."

DeVarney ran the Maple Sap Run last spring, reaching his first three communities of Swanton, St. Albans Town and St. Albans City, Vermont Public Radio reported . Since then, he's come back twice a month, for six-day stretches of running.

"The longest was 19 miles. Going from Middlesex, Montpelier and Berlin and someplace else in there. And actually that was just a comedy of errors," he said. "I went three miles in the wrong direction for I realized it."

Usually DeVarney places his bike somewhere before the run so that he can ride it back to his car afterward. He said he's seen plenty of wildlife along the way.

"I lived in Vermont, a good share of my growing up years hunting with my dad, never saw a bear, and in this journey I've seen three," he said.


Information from: WVPS-FM, http://www.vpr.net