Man Forced Boy, 6, to Kneel on Bottle Caps for Punishment, Florida Police Say

A Florida man has been charged with child abuse after allegedly forcing a 6-year-old boy to kneel on bottle caps as punishment for bad behavior at school, reported.

Jose Ferrer, 41,  was also charged with domestic violence. The Kissimmee, Fla., resident -- who is raising the boy with the boy's mother -- was arrested Tuesday and taken to the Osceola County jail, where he's being held without bond.

A teacher at Cypress Elementary School noticed bruises on her student's knee and called the police, according to

Ferrer reportedly told police during an interview that he punished the boy because he returned home with a "sad face" drawn on his school work, indicating the boy had misbehaved.

"He was aware that he was hurting the boy," said Stacie Miller of the Kissimmee Police Department.

Authorities are investigating the incident while the boy stays with his mother, according to

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