A Manhattan underwear heiress says her newlywed hubby conned her into raiding a trust fund with phony sob stories about mob gambling debts — only to lavish the six-figure payout on his New Jersey mistress.

Now wounded wife Candice Feinberg is seeking revenge on them both — to the tune of more than $10 million — in a stunning Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

The alleged two-timing cad, Steven Lalicata, 30, convinced his wealthy bride into withdrawing $744,000 from her trust fund to pay off his supposed gambling debts to mobsters, Feinberg says in her $10.7 million suit, but all the while he “was stealing the money to live a double life.”

Feinberg — then a recently divorce mother — met Mr. Wrong at the Beach Bum Tanning Salon in July 2010 and quickly fell for the tall, muscular smooth-talker.

The 39-year-old’s dad is retired garment industry executive Herbert Feinberg, who is himself something of a legend credited with inventing seamless panties.

Little did she know that her tanning salon beau was faking much more than his bronzed skin tone.

They married in 2011 and shortly after he said, “I do” Lalicata allegedly conspired with a cousin and a friend to concoct “an elaborate scheme to steal large sums of money” from Feinberg.

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