Maine man who accused US founder of Haiti orphanage of abuse is sued for defamation

An advocate for sexually abused children has used aggressive tactics to campaign against those he believes have harmed children or covered up for abusers. A federal jury will decide whether the activist, Paul Kendrick, went too far in leveling accusations against an orphanage founder in Haiti.

Michael Geilenfeld and Raleigh, North Carolina-based Hearts with Haiti have sued for defamation, saying Kendrick's "false and heinous" allegations have cost the charity more than $2 million in donations.

Kendrick, who lives in Freeport, Maine, says he's eager for jurors to hear about what he described as "disgusting and despicable" things that were done to the alleged victims.

Geilenfeld's lawyers hold Kendrick responsible for Geilenfeld's arrest in Haiti. A judge cleared Geilenfeld, but Haiti's justice minister has said the verdict was improperly reached and there will be additional proceedings.