Madoff's former right-hand man tells NY jury an anguished Madoff cried as he revealed fraud

On the eve of the five-year anniversary of the arrest of disgraced financier Bernard Madoff, his former right-hand man is describing how a crying Madoff told him his financial empire was a gigantic fraud.

The description came Tuesday during the lengthy trial of five former Madoff employees. Madoff's former lieutenant and the government's star witness, Frank DiPascali, spoke rapidly and sometimes loudly as he recounted when Madoff asked him to enter his New York City office and close the door. He says Madoff was crying when he told him: "I'm at the end of my rope." When he didn't think DiPascali understood, the witness recalled Madoff saying: "I don't have any more goddamned money! Don't you get it?"

Madoff is serving 150 years in prison.