A Louisiana man received 80 stitches after he and his pals tried to move an 11-foot alligator from the middle of a road.

Glen Bonin, of Sulphur, and three of his friends spotted the alligator on the road they were traveling and decided to move it out of the way, KPLC-TV reported.

"[We] took our shirts off, threw it on his [the gator's] face, and we were going to come from behind it and jump on it . . . in the process of doing that, it spun around and grabbed my hand seconds before we jumped on it," Bonin told the station.


The gator snapped at Bonin, who said the encounter “felt like someone was pulling my arm out.”

The incident, which was caught on video, shows the three friends throwing their T-shirts over the face of the reptile, which then twists around and bites Bonin.

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Now Bonin is hoping therapy will help straighten out his ring finger and pinkie.

"I've always been the kind of guy who learns the hard way," he told KPLC.

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