Los Angeles police used expired court order, spent $22,000 to get killer to private dinner

According to a report released Friday, the Los Angeles Police Department used an invalid court order and spent $22,000 to bring a jailed killer and former gang leader to speak to an exclusive dinner for private executives.

The report by the inspector general of the city's police commission said 38 LAPD employees worked about 320 hours to prepare for the January event at a downtown Los Angeles building and protect Rene "Boxer" Enriquez while he was there.

What's more, the department didn't have authority to remove Enriquez from prison in the first place because it used an order from a closed murder case that only allowed his release to act as a witness.

A deputy chief later said the event provided valuable information on the Mexican Mafia, the transnational criminal enterprise to which Enriquez once belonged.


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