Librarian says she was fired after complaining of colleagues having sex in children’s section

A New Mexico librarian says she was fired after alerting the town’s mayor about an incident involving a colleague and another municipal worker having sex in the children’s section of the library.

KRQE News 13 quotes Jamie Kurz’s attorney as saying his client got the pink slip Oct. 10 – and now plans to file a tort claim with the town of Estancia, which could then lead to a whistle-blower lawsuit.

The story begins in August, when Kurz reportedly arrived to work early at the Estancia Public Library, and saw two parked vehicles, one belonging to the head librarian and the other to the town maintenance department.

Joseph CampBell, the attorney now representing Kurz, told KRQE his client entered the library – and heard strange noises emanating from the children’s section.

"[She] turned around and saw two other employees engaged in sexual intercourse on the floor in the children's section," CampBell reportedly said, adding his client brought the matter up to Mayor Sylvia Chavez, as well as the library’s director. "The mayor subsequently talked to Jamie about it, told her that it wouldn't have any effect on her job.”

But in the two months that followed, Kurz was reportedly canned along with the library director, the former for allegedly not turning over her library key during a leave of absence.

KRQE subsequently listened to a surreptitiously-taped recording between Kurz and the main librarian before her ouster.

And although the head librarian does not directly admit to having sex in the children's section, KRQE reports she does tell Kurz that if she can't handle the situation, she should find another job.

KRQE News 13 reportedly attempted to reach Chavez on Friday. But a receptionist said she was out for the day.

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