LET IT GO! NY dad fighting spring temps in attempt to save snowman

A New York man is trying to save a snowman he created in January, refusing to let go of winter as spring temperatures climbed into the mid-'70s, CBS-TV reported.

Mike Fregoe, 50, of Massapequa Park, Long Island, set up a “Save Our Snowman” Facebook page -- drawing nearly 3,000 likes -- trying to save his 5-foot tall snowman, which stood more than 9-feet tall in late January.

“I won’t take snow from an ice skating rink or any artificial snow.”

— Mike Fregoe

Fregoe, who rejects artificial snow and will only use the real stuff to patch up his melting creation, is accepting “snownations” and has recently received fresh powder from Vermont.

“I won’t take snow from an ice skating rink or any artificial snow,” Fregoe told CBSNewYork, as he shoveled the white stuff while wearing a tank top. “The only way this guy is going to stay alive is with the snow from this winter.”

Fregoe takes a daily trip to a nearby park for snow, which he hauls away in buckets from a melting snowbank.

He built the snowman for his beloved daughter, Rebecca, the station reported.

"It started out as a small project for fun, and it's morphed into the ongoing snow saga, and it's a great thing that makes everybody smile and happy, and we're having fun with it still," said Fregoe.

He is using an umbrella to shield his snowman from the sun.