Lawyer: Texas seventh-grader forced to urinate in water bottle after teacher denies restroom break

Sometimes, when you have to go, you have to go.

A Texas seventh-grader, who repeatedly asked his teacher if he could use the restroom, was forced to relieve himself in a water bottle after his requests were denied and was allegedly told by his teacher that she hopes he pees in his pants, reported.

The boy, 12, was given an in-school suspension after the Jan.13 incident and was not named in the report. But his lawyer told the station that he somehow worked an empty water bottle up his pant leg and urinated. He was found out after the bottle fell out of his sweatshirt pocket, Bill Hawkins, his lawyer, said.

"They called the district attorney's office to explore criminal charges," Hawkins said, the station reported. The office determined the boy did not commit a crime, the report said.

The boy attends Klein ISD near Houston and was placed in an alternate school for a month, a move his parents are appealing, the report said.

"The boy's conduct would not have taken place if not for the teacher's actions," Hawkins said, according to the report. "He had an impossible choice and he came up with the best solution he could under the circumstances."

Due to the school’s policy, it is unclear if the teacher faced any disciplinary action for allegedly not allowing the student to use the restroom, the report said.

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