Lawsuit: New York Boss Gave Woman Vibrating Sex Toy

You shouldn't have. No, you really shouldn't have.

A Queens woman told her boss to take this job and shove it when he gave her a vibrating dildo for her birthday after months of sexually suggestive comments and unwanted come-ons, according to a lawsuit.

Silvia Olveira had put up with the conversations about her boss' sex life. She endured his comments about her body. She even tolerated his clumsy attempt to stuff her paycheck in her back pocket, her legal papers allege.

But when she opened up Ibrahim Mansi's birthday gift to her in October 2009 and found a sex toy, she had had enough.

"Usually, I get a cake for my employees," Olveira, 34, said he told her. "When I opened it, I saw this thing. I was like, what is this? I didn't know what to do in that moment. I went outside and took the bag and threw it in the garbage. I called him and said, 'Don't do that anymore.' He said, 'Come on, girl. You don't know how to enjoy your life.' "

After she came back inside after dumping the gift, Olveira said, "He asked me what I did with that thing, and I told him I threw it in the garbage."

Her high-powered attorney, Matthew Blit, said Mansi "abused his position of power to force unwilling employees to appease his deviant sexual behavior." Mansi, 47, denied the allegations.

"She is trying to blackmail me," he said. "There is no grounds for this suit."