The latest on a Christian college professor who wears a headscarf in an expression of solidarity with Muslims and was placed on administrative leave for saying Muslims and Christians worship the same God (all times local):

6:45 a.m.

A professor who wore an Islamic-style headscarf to her Christian college in suburban Chicago says she continues to support the Muslim community after officials at her school said they plan to fire her for saying Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Wheaton College initiated the termination-for-cause proceeding against Larycia Hawkins on Tuesday, saying she refused to participate in "clarifying conversations" about theological issues.

A spokeswoman for Hawkins says the professor plans a Wednesday morning news conference in downtown Chicago. Hawkins is a Christian and an associate professor of political science.

The private evangelical school west of Chicago placed Hawkins on paid administrative leave in December. Hawkins also had started wearing a hijab, the headscarf worn by some Muslim women, but the school has said that is not why she was placed on leave.