The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library is asking a judge to quickly rule on a lawsuit stemming from its failed move, saying it could run out of money before the case is resolved.

The museum moved to a new location in Indianapolis in October but stayed only until February after finding structural defects and water damage. The museum filed a lawsuit last month, alleging fraud and breach of contract, after the building owner declined to rescind its lease.

The Indianapolis Business Journal (http://bit.ly/2oOaKU9 ) reported the museum devoted to the late novelist hopes to get an expedited hearing, noting it has already spent $300,000 to pay for rent and building improvements.

"KVML, which was founded only eight years ago, has limited funds, a very large proportion of which have been expended in reliance on defendant's material misrepresentation about the building and which are not available now to be put to their intended use," the museum argued in the lawsuit.

Building owner Scott Johnson said a water leak and rotting wood was discovered during preparations for the museum's move. The owners said they began working on repairs but received a letter from the museum's lawyer asking to be relieved of the lease.

"We tried to remediate the issue, and they said, 'No, it's not happening,'" Johnson said. "We've been there for 21 years. We want to make sure the building is in good shape. We want it to be right."

The owners have since removed the rotted wood. They have plans to replace the failed window seals and install new drywall in preparation for finding another tenant.

Michael Bishop, an attorney for the building owner, requested an extension Monday to have more time to consider a counterclaim.


Information from: Indianapolis Business Journal, http://www.ibj.com