An 8-week-old kitten, who was rescued after being dyed purple and used as a chew toy for a larger animal, is recovering after he had emergency surgery in California during the weekend.

The kitten, weighing less than two pounds and nicknamed “Smurf” because of his purple-blue hue, needed abdominal surgery, Fox 2 reported. Smurf, who was brought to a San Jose shelter on Dec. 28 with about 20 bite marks and deep wounds on his body, will likely require several weeks for a full recovery and may be ready for adoption in three months or so, veterinarian Monica Rudiger said.


Nine Lives Foundation ("Smurf" is set to go up for adoption with a partner kitten when he's healed.)

When Smurf does go up for adoption, he’ll be paired with a new friend: a blind rescue kitten named Wanda.

Wanda, who is 12 weeks old, was found shivering near a garbage can in late December, according to a Facebook post from the Nine Lives Foundation.

Wanda and Smurf immediately became close friends – so close, that part of Wanda’s belly has turned a shade of purple from all of her snuggling with Smurf, the Foundation said.

SMURF'S daily update!From all of us at Nine Lives we thank all of you for your generous support of our mission to save kittens like SMURF & WANDA! Your donations of canned food & baby food arrive every day & we are overwhelmed by the love we feel from people all over the country & around the world! SMURF continues to improve & his wounds are healing well! We hope that he and WANDA are able to go to their foster home this week! We will have them return to Nine Lives on weekends as often as possible for visitors! We will keep you posted!Thank you again for all of your support! We promise to give weekly if not daily updates from his foster home!WANDA has taken on a purple hue from snuggling with SMURF! Check out her under belly... :)

Posted by Nine Lives Foundation on Monday, January 4, 2016

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