A relative of a California woman who authorities say was kidnapped during a safari in Uganda wants the U.S. to save her and suggested sending in Navy SEALS if necessary.

Phoenix resident Rich Endicott says he understands U.S. policy is to refuse to pay the $500,000 ransom Ugandan police reported the kidnappers demanded after seizing Kim Endicott and a local driver on Tuesday.

The Uganda Police Force on its website identified the woman as 35 and misspelled her name as Kimbley Sue Endecott. But Rich Endicott says she is actually in her late 50s and everyone calls her Kim.

The Costa Mesa, California, woman has a small skin care shop, is in her late 50s and has a daughter and granddaughter.

U.S. Rep. Harley Rouda, who represents Costa Mesa, told the Orange County Register in a statement Friday that he has communicated with "people close to Kimberly's family" and the State Department, which is working to get Endicott released.