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By the numbers
Weighing the gap. A new study says CEOs are paid roughly 335 times higher than average employees.

Going robotic. KFC has teamed up with a Chinese search engine company Baidu to open its first ever human-free fast food concept restaurant.

Testing. Facebook set out to test its 360 camera and has proof with footage of Grand Central Terminal.

A new protector. This robot, named YuMi, has your safety at heart while at the office.

The ramp up
Building it. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says more brick-and-mortar stores are definitely coming.

Cutting the cord. Apple’s stocking up on wireless charging experts for its latest project.

Arriving. Tim Cook visiting India -- reportedly on a talent run.

New releases
Keeping tabs. Uber’s new trip tracker allows you to follow family members, or whoever else on your device in real time.

A masterpiece. Google has come out with an extremely high-res camera to help preserve art.

On the go. Tumblr introduces gif posts on its mobile version.

For fun
Surely, you're joking. Silicon Valley responds to Trump's warning a tech bubble is near. It's not pretty.