Kentucky grandfather builds ‘ultimate playhouse’ on top of 50-foot silo

A 12 foot by 12 foot  playhouse on top of an old corn silo on a farm in Oldham County, Ky., has been attracting hundreds of motorists who marvel and the architectural feat, reported.

The playhouse was designed and built by Rusty Combs for his 20-month-old granddaughter. The one-room structure comes complete with air conditioning, running water, lighting and expansive views of “eight or nine water towers” after the leaves have fallen from tress, the report said.

Combs had long envisioned the playhouse, but never got around to implementing the designs in his mind. Then, before his granddaughter was born, he was intent on creating the “ultimate playhouse,” reported.

“It started out two years ago as a two-month project,” he joked.

The ultimate playhouse first had to be inspected by a structural architect and he had to obtain building permits prior to a large crane lifting the structure on its 50-foot perch. “People pull in the drive and say this is the coolest thing they’ve ever seen,” he told the station. Perhaps the only drawback are the four, 8-foot ladders it requires to access the room.

“I hope she enjoys it for many years to come,” he told the channel. “Maybe when she’s my age.”

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