Kayakers navigating waters near the Guadalupe River Sunday in Texas made a rare find that got them into a bit of hot water, KSAT reported.

The group captured a 3 ½ foot alligator in a stream that goes into the Guadalupe, but didn’t know that it’s illegal to capture alligators in state waters in Texas.

They learned the law after game warden Nicole Leonard was called in to take possession of the gator and told the people they had broken the law.

“It’s state water. It’s not illegal for the alligator to be in the water, but we don’t want everyone picking them up and dealing with alligators,” Leonard told KSAT. “It’s illegal to shoot the alligators first and foremost. If you see something, just call the game wardens and we can take care of it.”

The man who caught the alligator said he was unaware he had broken the law. The kayakers were concerned for their children’s safety when they saw the gator, and the game warden said that was a good reason for the capture, so no one will be charged.