Kansas woman receives library bill for more than $1G after having wallet stolen

A Kansas woman whose wallet was stolen made sure she canceled her major credit cards, but didn’t think to do anything about her library card.

It was that mistake that nearly cost Laurie McCollum $1000 in late fees, Fox4KC.com reports.

The Topeka library sent a bill to McCollum saying she had over forty books checked out in her name. Though the library cannot legally talk about this case, a spokesman told Fox4KC.com that each book has a value, and when forty are checked out, that value will add up fast.

The library said it emailed notices to McCollum about the late fees, but McCollum said she didn’t get any because she doesn’t check her email very often.

McCollum told the news station that the library said, “we’re not going to make you pay the whole amount, but we feel you should pay for part of it.”

Both parties agreed on a $275 total.

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