Judge tosses out biologist's lawsuit vs NYC

A judge has tossed out the lawsuit of a Columbia University-trained biologist who said New York City ruined his good name by falsely saying he had sexually tortured a college student he met in an Internet chat room.

Federal Judge Paul Crotty (CRAUGH-tee) said Tuesday that Oliver Jovanovic (Joe-VAN-uh-vick) was not prejudiced at trial by city statements.

Jovanovic was convicted in 1998 of kidnapping, sexual abuse and assault involving the woman. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison but an appeals court reversed the conviction.

Jovanovic sued for $20 million in 2004, saying that he was jailed nearly two years after being falsely charged and that the city had labeled him the "Cybersex Fiend" or the "Cybersex Suspect."

Jovanovic lawyer Jon Norinsberg said they're "deeply disappointed" and plan to appeal.